Competition proposal. Omsk. 2024. First prize.
The basis of our proposal is the idea of maximum transparency and visual lightness of the new terminal building. We eschew the standard layout scheme which in our view disorients passengers, making them follow endless arrow signs and belt barriers in the hope of getting somewhere. Instead we propose a series of clear arched spaces for passenger zones with unobstructed visibility of landside and airside alike.
This visual link allows one to observe take-offs an landings as if through a window in a room. It juxtaposes the scale of humans and the scale of aeroplanes, brings it together to be perceived at once, thus fulfilling the fundamental purpose of an air terminal, i.e. to be the portal between the realm of earth and the realm of heaven, to be the city’s gateway to the skies.
Three high arches, spanning 45 metres each and forming a memorable outline of the building, cover the three main spaces of the terminal: registration hall, domestic departures hall and international departures hall. During the day the arches are suffused with dispersed daylight, which is to encourage passengers and give them the feeling of quiet optimism. And at night the arch surfaces turn into screens with live projection that changes depending on the time and circumstance.