Kavgolovo guesthouse

Guest- and bathhouse.
Leningradskaya oblast', Kavgolovo. 2020
The bathhouse is located on the edge of the site, which occupies the northern slope of the hill, facing the lake. The building is partly hidden in the landscape. The main facade overlooks the site and the lake and is decorated with a gallery. The back wall is a fence along the border.
All rooms face the plot, except for the kitchen, that is located in the back and is illuminated by a skylight. The outer surfaces of the bathhouse are covered with an old darkened wooden planks, while internal surfaces, including gallery walls, are clad with a new light wooden boards. The steam room wall, made of calibrated logs, might be seen on the main façade. The roof is covered with natural grasses. The restrained color palette of the bathhouse is complemented by an accent metal column in the gallery, painted red.