Garage Screen summer pavilion 19'

Moscow, Gorky park. 2019
Competition project
We consider the Garage Screen summer temporary cinema pavilion as a simple and effective structure. The form derives from dimensions of the existing elements of the pavilion (amphitheater, screen, projection room) as well as a three-dimensional beam of projection and viewing axis for the audience. The result design was a compact volume, following the functional and technological content of the cinema, which allows a number of interpretations.
The structure of the pavilion consists of three layers. The structural skeleton is a rigid frame frame assembled from typical elements of the ATC system. The inner layer facing the auditorium is a non-combustible light gray velvet. The outer layer is made of thick shrink film, tightly fitting the structure of the pavilion. In the gap between the outer layer of the film and velvet, light spots and media facade projectors are located. In the evening, the film transmits and scatters the internal light, illuminating the area around the cinema.