Sevkabel PORT Ice Rink

Saint-Petersburg, Kozhevennaya linya 40. 2019
The skating rink by the sea in the Sevkabel space PORT is a small temporary seasonal project within the large-scale transformation of the territory of the historic Sevkabel manufactory. The structure of the rink derives from seaside location as well as from the industrial context. Almost rectangular ice field is tightly fit between the fence and the existing industrial building. In the center of the rink, preserved trees form a small round island, that naturally divides ice into several zones. At ground level, the ice field is connected with the existing building, where rental and locker rooms are located. In order to preserve the access to the embankment from the inside of the complex, a bridge was mounted over the ice exit, which not only connects different areas of Sevkabel PORT, but also serves as a viewing platform for observing skating rink and a picturesque sea panorama. Bright neon infographics contrast the restrained nature of the rink's architecture.