Ciurlionis concert centre

Kaunas, Lithuania. 2017
Competition project
The concert hall stands on the border between upper and lower parts of the park and has a minimal footprint. The form of the building derives from its unique location. Size and proportions of the plot dictates a long narrow volume, placed along the river. Minimal footprint and free ground floor allow flexible access to the building from both sides. Free flow of visitors through the ground floor with its sunken auditorium is considered as one of the park routes. Two main volumes of grand concert hall and secondary multipurpose halls are cantilevered to form a strong iconic silhouette of the building. Those wings create entrance plaza below the secondary hall and a large green auditorium beneath the main hall. Foyer and lobby encircle both halls and form a sloping ring around them. External foyer walls are of different types of glass and polycarbonate. From the foyer, people can enjoy the panoramic view of the city. The structural skeleton of the building is made of glued laminated timber, none bearing walls are of wooden panels and planks.