Refurbishment of a constructivist monument.
84 Bolshoy avenue. Vasilyevsky Island. Saint Petersburg
Our primary task is to define the main conceptual principles of the building in order to preserve and emphasise them. The starkest of those is the unity of multiple and varied spaces and functional contents attached to a single great foyer enfilade, which provides a perfect link between them and acts as the main public space of the complex.
The main theme for the renascent building is the urban centre for innovations, which has to be more or less obvious throughout all of its spaces including preserved and listed interiors.
We seek for a method that would be devoid of stylistic gestures, and since nothing gets obsolete quite as rapidly as our ideas of the future, instead of populating the old and established interiors with the newest highest tech gadgetry we, on the contrary, use simple images and minimalist tools with as little temporal reference as possible.
On the exterior our main intervention is reformatting of the grand plaza in front of the building. The existing tarmac surface becomes a regular garden, equally suitable for parking a car, sauntering to and fro in the afternoons or celebrating vigorously at big festivals.
The inner courtyard turns into a secluded garden for visitors and residents.