Santechpribor factory renovation

Kazan, Admiralteyskaya sloboda. 2019
Competition project. Special mention.
Manufactory. Our project is an attempt of careful and attentive approach to the site. We tried to invent such a method, that can be successfully applied both for the renovation of Soviet industrial constructions and pre-industrial era buildings. We keep all the buildings on the site and fill them with new content. In Soviet buildings, we preserve the bearing structures of the buildings and various communicating spaces in between. In brick buildings of the pre-industrial period, we preserved the outer shells, turning them into containers for gardens. Functional content of the plot derives from the rich industrial history of the place and is based on the idea of creating a full-fledged light-industrial cluster with all the necessary infrastructure. The creation of such a center of production - manufactories will give necessary impulse to the development of the surrounding territories, primarily the northern part of the design site.