Sevkabel PORT

Saint-Petersburg, Kozhevennaya liniya 40. 2019
This is a big coastal development project for the historic Sevkabel factory (Siemens & Halske), situated on Vasilyevsky Island. Dealing with an existing environment, we focused our efforts on the renovation and adaptation of existing buildings, as well as on the preservation of the industrial genius loci. This approach allowed us to emphasize the existing features of the site, including some of the industrial artefacts. We chose black raw metal and plain wood as basic materials, and all design solutions are as simple as possible and use industrial materials and aesthetics. The functional infill of the buildings is truly diverse, all of the residents were carefully selected by the project team in such a way, that all of them are involved in the renovation process. The Sevkabel PORT project is a process and represents the development perspective of the entire coastal industrial zone of this area. Former industrial site turns into a multifunctional cluster for everyone, and a place where the city meets the sea.