Typical wooden house

Winning competition proposal for wooden single-family house standard project competition DOM.RF
Russia. 2022
We all spent our childhood on dachas. In this project for a standardised country house we wished to revisit our nostalgia and consider the use of this dearly beloved typology in contemporary context. We designed a small, simple rectangular house with 8 by 10 metres (27 by 33 feet) footprint and with a tall attic under its double-pitched roof. Its fundamental principles are simplicity of structure and comfort. Its ground level has an entry, a hall, a lavatory, a guest bedroom, a dining room with kitchen and a double-height sitting area, a utility room large enough to house a boiler and laundry with storage space. Stairs to the upper floor are found in the hall, opposite the entry. In its basic version the house features a wooden deck which can be converted into a lightweight veranda. The entry porch can be enhanced with an additional canopy. The upper level has two spacious bedrooms, a hall and a lavatory. Delicately balanced functional layout of the house provides for comfortable living of a family of four to six members.