Yacht-Club 2021

Central Yacht-club renovation project.
Saint-Petersburg, Petrovskaya kosa 9. 2021.
Our project derives from the synthesis between two components of the transformation of the Petrovskaya Kosa - the yacht club and the city embankment. In our proposal, the original masterplan zoning is preserved and developed.
The northern part of the club with a slip retains its sports and training facilities, while the southern part, with gentle additions of new boathouses, will become a parking place for the club's fleet.
The project also significantly increases the quantity of parking spaces both on water and on land. For this purpose, we add a new lightweight shed over the existing winter storage areas and boathouses.
Vacant in the summer, boathouses along the embankment will accommodate a variety of functions - from an exhibition to a summer restaurant. Picturesque embankments, with new greenery along, the garden of Rops' house and the territory of the "field" will become new public recreations. In the renovated yacht club, one may take a walk in the park, stroll along the embankments while gazing at the boats, sit in a cafe and watch the sunset over the guest harbor.
In our project, the yacht club and the city space do not contradict, but complement each other, creating a new generous public place on the city map.

AB CHVOYA + Ivan Kozhin
with Sonya Sordia, Katya Fleisher and
Sport collective of CRYC yachtsmen crew